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Grain Bin Supply Company is active in the sale and construction of grain bins, grain legs, and dryers in several states across the Midwest, Mid-South, and High Plains.  Ken and Martha Knuppel opened Grain Bin Supply Company in 2006.  Our major suppliers are Sukup Manufacturing and BinPro.  GBS currently has two locations.  The original location is in Cairo, Missouri.  In 2011 an additional location was added in Vandalia, Missouri. 


The Knuppel family has been in the grain bin business since the early 1960’s. Ken's Dad sold new Superior bins and moved used bins in central Illinois.  In 1994 Ken and Martha, along with Ken's Dad began business in partnership in Jacksonville, Missouri which later became known as Knuppel’s LLC.  The business consisted of buying and selling used bins and relocating bins for customers.  A typical year for them at that time would be to put up, or relocate 85-90 bins per year.  Ken says it was the best possible education for a career in the bin business as he got to work with all different brands of bins, all different manner of floors, stirring machines, grain spreaders, unload systems, and so on.  “I got a chance to see how things were put together and what did and didn’t work.  To this day when a customer calls me on the phone and describes to me what he has and what he needs, I don’t need a book- I can visualize it and I know how it is put together.”  In 1998 they began selling new GSI bins, M-C dryers, and Sukup grain handling accessories.  Later, in 2001, when Sukup Manufacturing  began making grain bins Knuppel’s LLC became a charter bin dealer.  Knuppel’s LLC continued doing business through 2006.  As a business, these were successful years.  In 2007 Ken and Martha Knuppel formed Grain Bin Supply Company LLC.


The immediate future of our business is getting tooled up to build tremendous amounts of grain storage to handle the trend of increased yields.  Much of this will be done in the form of complete systems.  We are working to be prepared to do more complex projects than in the past.  This includes larger bins, millwright work, CAD drawing capabilities, different products, and so on…  We are committed to being the best available choice for these projects.


We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  We are grateful for this business that He has given us to help our family and others meet their needs.  We believe that this business in reality belongs to Him and has been placed under our stewardship.  As such, we believe it is our duty to operate this business in an upright way that honors Him.  This is our standard for conducting business.

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