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       Axial Fans

Totally -enclosed trouble-free axial fans can be easily mounted to push or pull air. Sizes range from 12" to  28" and are designed for grain drying at lower static pressures. Not only do these fans easily adapt to Sukup Heaters, but they also may be used alone for pressure aeration. The 24" and 28" fans have all the features of our smaller aeration fans plus:
      • Maximum airflow at lower static pressures.
      • Inlet venturi to improve air intake.
      • 230 volt 1 or 3 phase, or 460 volt 3 phase
      • Heavy-duty motors for dependable operation
      • CSA models available
      • Control box with start/stop buttons. magnetic starters, and 110 Volt interlock for heater are standard.
For pressure aeration only. Not for suction aeration.

Axial Heaters

Heaters that burn with a blue flame allowing clean combustion with the highest efficiency range. Starfire type burners ignite quickly and allow even heat distribution. Galvanized housing resisting a rust. Liquid propane or natural gas. Many options to choose from including controls and valve types. Sizes to choose from: 18", 24", 26", 28".

Axial Fan and Heater

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