Grain Bin Supply Company
Centrifugal Fans

High capacity centrifugal fans unique technical design blows our competition away. These fans are built for effective, tough, long lasting performance. Starting with the galvanized housing coated with green powder-coat baked on paint job for ultimate rust protection. Adjustable leveling legs on the outside, and uniquely designed blades that move more air and decrease static pressure on the inside. Dual inlet fans are available for 30 hp, 40 hp, and 50 hp. In-line fans are available for high-capacity “in bin” drying. With many options to choose from we are sure to have one to fit your needs. Exclusive lip easily connects the fan to the heater or transition to form an airtight seal. 

Centrifugal Heaters

Heaters that burn with a blue flame allowing clean combustion with the highest efficiency range. Magnetic starter, overload relay, start-stop buttons, are standard equipment. Rust resistant galvanized housing. Liquid propane or natural gas, hi temp, lo temp, super lo temp. Many options to choose from including controls and valve types, including a modulating valve that automatically adjusts gas pressure to maintain constant drying temperature. Because air expands as it is heated, a 20% greater drying capacity if gained by placing the heater downstream between the fan and transition.

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