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Few things will change the way you farm as much as the addition, or update, of a continuous-flow dryer.  Grain Bin Supply Company sells Sukup dryers.  Fact is, we do a lot more than just sell Sukup dryers- we understand them and we service them.  We have expert set-up crews and full-time, factory trained service technicians. 

Adding a grain dryer to your operation takes some forethought and planning on your part.  Also, we have found that those of you who have not used a continuous-flow dryer have a certain level of anxiety, or uncertainty about how they work, or your ability to operate them.  In order to help with these things Grain Bin Supply Company routinely does farm visits to help with layout questions and make suggestions.  GBS also holds dryer information meetings to help educate farmers about the use of Sukup dryers.  At these meetings we present basic information about wet holding bins, power requirements, layout concerns, have hands-on controls to operate, and answer questions you may have.   If you have any interest in attending one of these meetings, please fill out the information below and we will contact you with the next upcoming dryer meeting.


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