Grain Bin Supply Company

Drying Floors

Hawk Cut Floor

Channel loc Hawk Cut floors are twice as strong as smooth floors. Corrugations are made with out removing any steel, but are created in the sloped sides of the steel, without weakening it. The high arch helps to strengthen each plank to keep up with the demand of high grain depth. 

Perforated Floors

These are a great option for drying and storing smaller grains and is ideal for easy sweeping clean up. Clear punched holes provide ample open area for maximum airflow. It is available in 20 gauge for bins with lower grain depths, or 18 gauge planks for bins with deeper grain depths. A Channel-Lok perforated plank id available with either the standard 0.0945' diameter holes or 0.05" diameter holes, which is ideal for canola and other very small grains.  These easy to install floors, are fully corrugated for strength, since the planks extend completely across the width of each plank. This gives up to 80% more strength than floors where the corrugation stops short. 

A Heavy-Duty Perforated Floor is designed for those situations where a perforated floor is perferred, but grain depths exceed those recommended for the standard perforated floors.  It also has weight-bearing support every 3 1/2 " inches so it is able to withstand deeper grain depths.  Then 3 1/2" planks are crimped together to form 7" planks for quicker and easier installation. It is available in 0.0945" or 0.05" diameter holes.

Z Post Floor Supports
are a precision- engineered support that has greater stability, offers a more uniform airflow, and is 40-65% stronger than U-Shaped floor supports. The exclusive "Z" shape gives 60% more inches of load bearing support, strengthened by Z-shaped bends, and reinforced by numerous corrugations. To diagonal portion of the Z-Post provides additional support across the center of the floor plank for extra strength, which is required for taller bins. It covers a larger area, giving a wider, more solid base. Notched sided and the self tightening spring action lock the supports in place, so they don't move around under the weight of the grain. Because of the Z-Post design, drying air is more evenly distributed throughout the plenum area.

Sukup Flashing
is the heaviest on the market-20 gauge. Sukup's slim cut flashing gives 10" of coverage from the bin wall. The width allows the flashing to fit easily around even smaller diameter bins. 

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