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We love sukup grain bins and we know you will too!  Grain bin supply company has sold hundreds upon hundreds of sukup grain bins.  We know them top to bottom, and forward and backward.  The farm duty bins are available in stiffened and un-stiffened models.  (also worth noting, sukup has other heavy duty farm bins available for bins utilizing a stirring machine with more than three down augers, a re-circulating device, or working bins loaded and unloaded many times each year.)  Un-stiffened models are available up to 10 rings tall.  Farm bins up to 7 rings tall come standard with a 66" door.  Models up to 10 rings tall come standard with a 44" door, however the 66" door is available as an option.  Sukup farm bins up to 9 rings tall can be ordered with a bolt-on base angle ring, or a factory rolled lip at the base.  The anchor brackets on the un-stiffened bins are a beefy 22" bracket.  The standard roof load on any sukup farm bin is 5000 lbs.  There is an upgrade available to an 8000 lb. Roof load on 42' and 48' bins.  The sukup roof is a 32-degree pitch (which, if you are keeping score, is not as steep as a conrad bin, steeper than a gsi bin, and the same as a brock bin, or a butler bin).  Gbs offers 18" galvanized roof vents to insure adequate ventilation.  Roof vent openings and transition openings may be pre-punched at the factory.  To access the roof of your bin, grain bin supply can equip your bin with an outside ladder, outside ladder and cage, or wrap-around stairs.  Gbs also has various platforms and roof railings available at your request.  We can either do, or arrange for grain bin construction anywhere, as we have our own crews and work with grain bin erectors across the country.  Get  your quote now, or contact us for more information.

Farm Grain Bins
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