Grain Bin Supply Company
Grain Bins

As our name implies, grain bins are the heart of our business.  Grain Bin Supply is an authorized Sukup grain bin dealer.  We have many variations of farm bins available, as well as commercial bins, and hopper bins.  How does this make us different than any other bin dealer?  The truth is – it doesn’t.  There are a lot of grain bin dealers out there who provide good products.  What makes us different, and a better choice, is a series of things we do well.

GBS works hard to keep our costs down. We buy and sell in volume in order to offer the most competitive pricing possible.  Price is always important to you and so we are diligently working today to offer your bin package at the best possible price.  In addition, we are working to provide you upgrades on your bin packages so that you can receive better products (higher capacities, longer lasting, more capabilities, etc…) for about the same money other dealers would charge you.  A great deal of thought and energy goes into having things on hand when you need them, and trying to minimize lead times when you need to order materials. 

Whether you are adding one farm bin, a complete on-farm system, or a commercial expansion, we are interested in your project.   GBS can capably provide drawings, or millwright work if needed.

Grain Bin Supply sells bins all across the Midwest (cornbelt), High Plains, and Mid-South.  We use our own experienced crew as well as many sub-contracted crews we are familiar with.  Regardless of your crop, or your location, grain bin construction is not a problem.  Count on a quality job from us.

In addition to new bins, GBS will do retrofitting and moving of used bins in certain seasons.  We are also a good source of grain handling accessories for whatever improvements you may need to make.  

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