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Grain Handling here refers to the “everything else” that goes on your grain bin- and we’ve got it!  Bigger items like the grain bin, grain dryer, and grain leg are more involved, more expensive, and more planned out types of purchases.  In contrast, grain handling purchases tend to be more spur-of-the-moment/ need-it-now types of purchases.  We recognize this, and do a very good job of having items that you need on hand rather than having to order them.  Grain Bin Supply Company typically has more items of all types, and more selection within a particular type on hand than anyone else.  Also worth noting, in harvest season we have more expanded hours than anyone else.  Customers who have shopped around getting prices from other dealers routinely tell us we have the best prices available.  Hmmm.  More items, more hours, less money…

Grain Bin Supply Company is also proud to announce that we have signed on to be distributors for BinPro products.  Through them we will be able to offer many products you are familiar with at great prices, but in addition to that, GBS will be able to offer you some different products that represent upgrades over more commonly sold products.  We are particularly excited about two products.  The first is the Mega Support.  The Mega Support is a welded steel floor support available in 2’, 4’ and 8’ lengths.  Other companies make a welded support, but nobody makes an 8’ support.  Everyone generally agrees that the welded supports are better due to longevity, installation time, and airflow, but most folks have felt the price was prohibitive.  BinPro Mega Supports, coupled with their floor in most cases cost about the same as the floors you are used to buying with individual supports.   This is a better idea.  The second item we are excited about offering from BinPro is a U-trough power sweep.  Why is this exciting?  The capacities are higher, the power requirements are lower, and the price is right.  Because the power requirements are lower, we can sell a 10” u-trough power sweep and get double the capacity of a standard 8” tube-type power sweep, still power it with single phase power, and do this for about the same money you would pay for a typical 8” power sweep!  Price it with us, you can’t beat it!

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