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  Hopper bins are very useful as wet-holding bins, seed bins, and feed bins as well as a host of other uses.  Grain Bin Supply also offers Sukup heavy duty hopper bins for commercial applications and medium duty hopper bins for farm use.  Read on to see which one would be best for you.  

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Hopper Bins

Grain Bin Supply offers Sukup Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins. The designs of both are among the strongest in the industry, with wide corrugations, extra-strong stiffeners, and heavy-gauge hopper panels. 

Sukup Medium-Duty Hopper Bins:

  • 15’ – 21’ diameter, 3-6 rings.
  • Ideal for use as a wet holding tank to feed your Sukup Grain Dryer.
  • May be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time.

Sukup Heavy-Duty Hopper Bins:

  • May be mounted on over-head super structures for loading of semis or train cars.
  • May be used as a working bin.
  • Can be used to store cool, dry grain for an extended period of time.

Sukup Hopper Bottom Bins are designed to hold free-flowing grains up to 52 lb/ft3, with an unload rate of 9000 bu/hr.


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