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This is the hottest area going in grain handling on the farm today.   It seems that nearly every operation is looking at streamlining the handling and drying of large quantities of grain at a single site.  In fact, many of these operations are choosing to completely start over with their grain facility at a fresh site.  Commercial sites as well are looking to significantly boost capacities for unloading and handling grain to handle the vastly improved capacities of grain farmers can bring them each hour.  If either of these statements describes you- give us a call.  We can help you with layout, design, drawings, millwrights, and product.  Grain Bin Supply Company sells Sukup grain legs, as well as drag conveyors, and chain loop systems. 

For many farmers, these set-ups are much more commercial in nature than anything they are used to.  A few basic notes before entering in: 1) All structures need to be up off of the ground more than you are used to.  Elevate.  2) You must start your construction much earlier than you think.  This is not like adding a bin.  Getting operational will take longer than you think it will.  Start early.  3)  This is no place to pinch pennies.  These systems cost a lot and you need to be comfortable with that.  Least cost options on these systems are usually a false savings.  If you are going to pinch pennies- don’t start- you won’t be happy with the finished product.

Because there are so many options and these systems cost so much, Grain Bin Supply Company at various times each year offers workshops to provide information and answer your questions about material handling systems.  If you would be interested in attending one of these, please fill out the information below and we will contact you with the date of the next upcoming workshop. 

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