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Grain Bin Supply Company is the call to make when you need big storage.  Whether you are operating a commercial grain facility, or a large farm, GBS can help you with your grain storage needs.  We can also meet your accompanying needs with material handling equipment.  Grain Bin Supply company can provide you with CAD drawings if needed, arrange for soil testing, do layout/designing, commercial grain bin erection, and millwright work.  GBS sells Sukup commercial grain bins.

Sukup commercial bins are available up to 135’ in diameter (1.2 million bushels).  Roofs are rated at either 15,000 lb. or 30,000 lb. load, depending upon your need.  Any bin over 60’ in diameter will have a two-piece roof.  Side draws are available in commercial bins.  For aeration, various tunnel formations are available.  We (along with Sukup Mfg.) are happy to assist you with this.  Also to assist with aeration, power roof exhausters are available.  For unloading your commercial bin, Sukup has available an option to offer a one-pass power sweep.  We also have zero-entry sweeps available.  There are tractor-style drives available.  If you opt not to use a tube-type unload system, we can design a tunnel with conveyor to unload your bin.  We also have temperature cables available to monitor the condition of your grain in any area of the bin.   Grain Bin Supply Company also has available any cages, platforms, railings, or catwalks, etc… that you may need to keep your facility compliant with OSHA regulations. 

We cannot stress enough the need to start early on these projects.  Most farms are not used to dealing with equipment of this scale and commercial facilities can get bogged down with their board of directors in coming to consensus, or making decisions.  Of all the products we deal with, these take the longest to get and are the most time-consuming to assemble.  For best results you need to plan and purchase early.

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