Grain Bin Supply Company

Grain Bin Supply is committed to providing products that can be used safely throughout the product’s lifetime, but ultimately, safe operation is up to you. Please keep these simple precautions in mind, especially for your children and grandchildren.

 Make sure you have a spotter
Use Permanent Safety Rope

Follow machine safety signs and messages.

Observe safe operating practices. Carefully read all equipment manuals and all safety signs. Safety signs and decals must be kept in good condition. Replace all missing shields and/or warning decals immediately.
Learn how to use the controls and operate equipment properly. Do not let anyone (especially children) operate equipment without thorough training of the basic operations of the machine and safety procedures. 

Make no unauthorized modifications to the machine. Modifications may endanger the function and or safety of the unit. Periodically check all mechanical and electrical components. Keep all equipment in good working condition. 




Never enter a bin unless all power is LOCKED OFF and another person is present.

  • Rotating augers can kill or dismember!
  • Flowing grain may trap and suffocate!
  • Never, Never  clean out your bin with augers running!


A bridge across the top can collapse under your weight and you can be completely buried in seconds!  Never enter a bin without taking necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Grain Bin Safety Precautions

  • Don’t enter a bin of flowing grain.

  • Don’t enter a bin to break a crust or remove a blockage when unloading equipment is running, whether or not grain is flowing.  Restarted flow can trap you.

  • Don’t enter a bin unless you know the nature of previous grain removal, especially if any crusting is evident.

  • Beware of walking on any surface crust.

  • Don’t depend on a second person – on the bin roof, on the ground or at some remote point – to start or stop equipment on your shouted instructions.  Equipment noise can block out shouts for action or assistance.  That person may fall or overexert in the panic and haste of getting off the bin or running to the control point.

  • Be wary and alert while working with grain that has gone out of condition.  There may be molds, blocked flow, cavities, cave-ins or crusting. 

  • When entering a questionable bin or storage area, have one inside and two outside workers.  Attach a safety rope to the man in the bin with the two men outside capable of lifting him out without entering the bin.  One man outside cannot do this and cannot go for help while giving first aid.

  • Always wear a respirator capable of filtering fine dust when working in obviously dusty moldy- grain.  Never work in such conditions, even with protection, without a second person on safety stand-by.

  • Parents, watch your children.  Keep them away from bins and vehicles with flowing grain.  Small hands and feet can fit into even properly shielded augers, belts and PTO’s.

  • If a grain bin is peaked close to the roof, be extremely cautious.  Crawling between roof and peak can cave grain and block the exit.

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