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A  stirring machine is a necessary addition to any in-bin drying system.  Stirring mixes the driest grain at the bottom of the bin with the wetter grain toward the top, resulting  in a more uniform moisture content. Stirring also loosens grain, reduces static pressure and increases airflow, and breaks up "hot-spots". This helps the grain dry more quickly and efficiently, and extends storage life.  To get a quote for your drying bin with a Fastir stirring machine click here.

 Fastis Stirrer Stirring Machines

For over 50 years, trouble free grain stirring has been possible with Sukup  stirring machines. The original machine, called the Stirway was introduced in 1963.  It was replaced in 1978 by the Stir-Up.  The current model, the Fastir, was introduced in 1992. Several new features were added, including a mechanical reversing switch in lieu of the electric switch used previously to give more trouble-free usage. The Stirring machine is mounted in the top of the bin with at track around the outside edge and the other end of the machine is suspended from the center of the bin. These stirring machines travel around on the track, while the down augers move along a track suspended from the center of the bin, ensuring all the grain gets stirred. The bigger the bin the more down augers need to be considered. Stirring augers may be added after the fact, with a kit,  but is best if calculation is taken initially to insure proper sizes and quantity, for best outcome. These down augers are 1" diameter, with 1/4" hard-surfaced flighting, and come various lengths to match side wall heighth.  Down-augers are available in lengths up to 24', however down-augers over 20' in length carry no warranty. Stirring machines can be used for most grains.  A grain spreader helps distribute the fines away from the center of the bin, enhancing the stirring machine's effectiveness. 

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