Grain Bin Supply Company

Power Sweep

Sweepway~Power sweeps are convenient in many ways. Fast easy way to unload grain, saving time and backbreaking labor. They are permanently installed, with sumps pre-wielded to the tube, all the controls are located outside the bin, so for safe operation there is no need to enter the bin. 7 gauge flighting on 6-8" unloads, and 1/4 inch on 10" unloads means commercial grade durability with each unit. This sweep features a galvanized C shaped back board, with a torsion bar that runs along the c channel to add strength and rigidity. Center sumps increase unload capacities, with slide gates that allow you to control the flow of grain from the bin. Powerheads are also easy to service with belts being tightened by one bolt or being removed by a simple hinge pin.  Simple, easy and rewarding.

Tube and Well

Tube and well unloading system, features, 6", 8" or 10", carry in sweep with galvanized backboard, Center sump, and intermediate sumps with control rods. These are typically used in smaller type bins, and since they are not permanently installed they can be easily carried from one bin to another, as needed.

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