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Sukup Grain Handling-Grain Dryers, Conveyors and Elevators


Sukup Grain Dryer Options

Dry Grain Fast with our Grain Dryer

Loop Systems

Sukup Grain Bins and Loop Systems

Complete system to fill, unload, blend and transfer grain. Grain handling pro.

Grain Elevators

Sukup Grain Legs- Bucket Conveyors

Grain Legs take your grain storage to the next level. 

Grain Dryers


Sukup Single Grain Dryer

Still our most popular grain dryer for farm use, The single module continuous-flow grain dryer may also be used for batch drying.  Call us for grain dryer specs.


Sukup Double Stacked Dryer

For greater capacities cross flow grain dryers may be stacked 2 or 3 modules high. 


Sukup Tower Dryers

Tower grain dryers offer efficient drying, large capacities, and a small footprint.  They are clean and quiet. 

Mixed Flow

Sukup Mixed Flow Dryer

Mixed flow Grain dryers offer the most efficient and high quality grain drying option available.

Loop Systems

Chain Loop System

Sukup Chain Loop System with Grain Bins

A Chain Loop system can be a great alternative to a grain leg.  May be used with new or existing  bins, and may be expanded at a later date.

Double Run conveyors


Double run grain handling conveyors are commonly used to fill and take away from grain dryers, as roof augers, and transfer augers. Double run conveyors last longer, require less HP, and are gentler on grain than augers. 

Grain Legs

Grain Legs

Sukup Grain Leg with down spouts

Use a Sukup grain leg to speed your harvest with more capacity than an auger, and single source dumping.

Support Towers

Sukup Grain Leg Support Tower

Support towers are a sturdy-compact way to reinforce your grain leg and drag conveyors.

Drag Conveyors

Sukup Drag Conveyor

Drag conveyors are a good grain handling option to reach bins that are impractical to spout to.